Dogen's "Being–Time": a 5-Week Series

By popular demand, we'll be using the next 5 Tuesday evenings (Sept. 15 - Oct. 13) as an opportunity to study Shobogenzo Uji ("Being–Time"), Dogen's treatise on the nature of time and reality itself. The schedule will be slightly modified to give us more time: 20 minutes of zazen, then straight into discussion. 

We'll mostly refer to a translation by Kazuaki Tanahashi and Dan Welch; the full text can be found online here. That's all you need, but if you're looking for more, there is also a wonderful commentary by Shinshu Roberts called Being–Time: A Practitioner's Guide to Dogen's Shobogenzo Uji. It's highly recommended—and Shinshu has generously agreed to meet with us all on Oct. 6 to share her expertise and perspective.

Please join us if you can. This is a fun way to get to know the tradition and each other. 

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