THZ Statement on Anti-Asian Hate Crimes and Discrimination

Beings are countless, we vow to free them all.

It is with sadness and compassion that we at Thousand Harbours Zen bear witness to the increase in anti-Asian racism in Canada since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Thousand Harbours Zen condemns anti-Asian racism and stands by Asian Canadians in the face of this rise of hateful speech and actions.

Though our statement has been spurred by the recent murder of six Asian women in Atlanta, Georgia, we wish to acknowledge that anti-Asian racism has a long history in North America, and a particularly complicated history within North American Buddhist communities.

We denounce racism in all of its forms against people of Asian descent, as well as against those who are Black, Indigenous, and all people of color. Racialized people in Canada have suffered from centuries of systemic racism within a social structure which is characterized by white privilege. We acknowledge that correcting the course of our history requires action. We begin by offering our Tuesday night practice this week, when we will hold a discussion around anti-Asian discrimination and how it can manifest in a community like ours that traces its lineage and practices to Japan, China, and India.

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