Our temple is open!

This summer marked a big milestone for our sangha. Thousand Harbours Temple (千湊寺, Sensouji) was officially consecrated on July 9 by Daiken Yoshitani-roshi, who travelled from Japan to officiate.    

Yoshitani-roshi, the abbot of Myōhonji in Isayaha, Nagasaki, is one of Koun’s teachers. He's been one of the biggest supporters of our community. Yoshitani-roshi gave us our name, and he offered to come to Halifax as soon as Koun told him about the temple. On July 9, he officiated the two ceremonies to officially open it—one to open the Buddha’s eyes, and one to celebrate the construction. 

We’re grateful to Yoshitani-roshi and Taido Miura for coming all this way for these events, and to everyone who else who helped make these ceremonies possible. Above all, many thanks to all of you who joined us, in Halifax and online. It was wonderful seeing so many of you there to mark the occasion. Some of you sit with us regularly, some of you haven’t been around in years, and some of you brought your partners and children along. You’re all part of Thousand Harbours.

Thanks to Claude Roussel for these photos, and to everyone else who has shared theirs.

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