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We’re a hybrid Soto Zen community that meets online every day, and on Tuesday evenings at our temple in Halifax, Nova Scotia. All are welcome.

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Koun’s talks are available on Youtube and on the Thousand Harbours Zen podcast.

What's New

  • December events: rohatsu zazen, one-day retreat

    News • Nov 27, 2023

    December 1 marks the start of Rohatsu sesshin, the retreat period that ends on the day of the Buddha's enlightenment, December 8. In solidarity with Zen practitioners around the world, we're adding evening zazen to our schedule for the week.

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  • October news - Half-day retreat and Sokanbu visit

    News • Oct 6, 2023

    On Sunday, October 15, we'll be visited by Dokan Kojima and Gyokei Yokoyama, both representing the Sokanbu in Los Angeles (the administrative office for Soto Zen in North America). So we can practise with them, we'll put on a morning program from 9:30am to 12pm at Halifax Independent School, 3331 Connaught Ave.

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  • Zen study group - starting September 3

    News • Aug 27, 2023

    Starting September 3, Koun is hosting a study group on Keizan's Zazen Yojinki on the first Sunday of each month.

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