October 6: Guest Teacher - Shinshu Roberts (+ handout)

Posted on Oct 5, 2020

Shinshu Roberts, Zen teacher and author of Being–Time: A Buddhist Practitioner's Guide to Dogen's Shobogenzo Uji, will join us on Tuesday, October 6 to help us unpack Dogen's notion of "dharma position." Please come.

Dogen's "Being–Time": a 5-Week Series

Posted on Sep 11, 2020

By popular demand, we'll be using the next 5 Tuesday evenings (Sept. 15 - Oct. 13) as an opportunity to study Shobogenzo Uji ("Being–Time"), Dogen's treatise on the nature of time and reality itself. The schedule will be slightly modified to give us more time: 20 minutes of zazen, then straight into discussion. 

A New Beginning

Posted on Sep 1, 2020

Since before coming to Halifax in 2013, it's been my dream to build a temple here, something with walls and a roof and a daily practice. So when I went to Japan a few years ago and visited one of my teachers, Daiken Yoshitani-roshi (abbot of Myōhonji in Isayaha, Nagasaki), I asked him to help with a temple name. After we talked about our community and Nova Scotia for a while, he offered up Sensōji (千湊寺): the sen means a thousand, or infinite; sō means harbour, but it also means "to gather"; and ji is temple. So it's a thousand harbours, an infinite gathering. I've carried this around ever since, wondering if we might one day have that sign on the door.