Annual General Meeting: February 6

On Tuesday, February 6, 2024, at 6:45 pm Atlantic Time, we'll host our Annual General Meeting. This is our regular Tuesday night practice time, but instead of sitting, we'll go straight into our meeting, talking about what we've done in the past year and our plans for 2024. The meeting will be held at our at our regular Zoom link (passcode = vow). 

At the AGM, we'll be voting on some proposed updates to the Thousand Harbours Zen bylaws, in the sections governing membership and board members. View the AGM agenda and the draft bylaws.

All members of Thousand Harbours Zen are eligible to vote at the AGM—if you're not a member, keep reading for instructions on how to become one.

At the AGM, we'll also talk about the activities and events we're planning for 2024. We'll need your help to do them all—if you've been looking for a way to get more involved in our sangha, we have opportunities for volunteers to help with event planning, communications and media, and ringing bells for zazen. 


Each year, Thousand Harbours Zen's bylaws require us to collect a list of general members. Membership is open to anyone who participates in the practice and activities of Thousand Harbours Zen, and supports and upholds our purpose, ideals and values.

There's no fee for membership, but you may be asked to contribute to the community as you're able to (for example, by donating your money, time or services). General members have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting and other members' meetings.

You can become a member by completing the membership form

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